Friday, August 6, 2010

Coach Antoinette Sykes Shares Inspriational Motivation

It’s the end of summer and the kick-off of the fall season. Have you accomplished all of the goals and tasks you set out to accomplish on January 1, 2010? You know those grand 2010 New Year’s Resolutions? Where is the list? Can you even find it? And cue the silence! No need to worry, amazingly there is still enough time to reinvent your list, adjust accordingly and to accomplish some of those initial goals. The time is NOW. Welcome to Operation Bounce-Back!
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Dana said...

I listened to this episode this afternoon while listing on eBay and it was DEFINATELY inspiring! I actually did what you said: I got out my Resolutions List, checked off (and celebrated) what I accomplished, and wrote down a plan for how to accomplish the rest. I feel so motivated!

Thanks, Danna, for "introducing" me to Antoinette. I needed to hear this today!


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