Virtual Shop Hop: An online eBay Shopping Experience

This brilliant shopping idea was brought to our virtual table by an assistant from VirtualOnlineLearning.com: Kerry Boozenny. This will be the first of this type in honor of the Back-to-School promotion from a few of the members at VirtualOnlineLearning.com .
Tune in and listen from your computer speakers. (CLICK TO LISTEN)  Open a browser window and follow along while we "Shop Hop" visiting the following eBay Stores!
We will be LIVE 8:00 PM EST, Friday August 20
Never know what kind of goodies we will find!
Show is archived and available on demand 24/7 after the 20th!



Bev's And That Shop


Good Buys All The Time

HerbsCraftsGifts/Back to School

Jim's General Store





Tina's Vintage Treasures

Very Desperate Housewife


Coach Antoinette Sykes Shares Inspriational Motivation

It’s the end of summer and the kick-off of the fall season. Have you accomplished all of the goals and tasks you set out to accomplish on January 1, 2010? You know those grand 2010 New Year’s Resolutions? Where is the list? Can you even find it? And cue the silence! No need to worry, amazingly there is still enough time to reinvent your list, adjust accordingly and to accomplish some of those initial goals. The time is NOW. Welcome to Operation Bounce-Back!
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Meet the Social Networking Nanny

Social Networking is about Passion, Product and People...if you're passionate about your product, you need to share it with people and this is where the Nanny comes in! She is the original "Social Networking Nanny" and she can save you time while you take care of your business, the Nanny will be socializing around the net in your honor! Tune in and meet the Nanny as she shares her insider tips on how she started her business
and how she was featured on television! CLICK TO HEAR THE SHOW Live: August 18, 2010 at 11:00 AM EST.

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Back-To-School Selling and Buying on eBay

(special thanks to All-Info 24-7 for the awesome graphic)

Tune in and hear how eBay sellers can get SOME FREE PROMOTION for their eBay listings AND How eBay shoppers can SHOP for the lowest priced items on eBay!

Sign up for the promotion as mentioned on the air at the Virtual Online Learning Blog : CLICK TO VIEW


Tickets still on sale eBay On-Location San Jose CLICK to View


Very Desperate Housewife selling on eBay

CLICK to view her eBay store!

Don't miss this fun and informative show! eBay seller:lattegirltoo had been on eBay since 2001! I love the name of her eBay store: Very Desperate Housewife! She will share some tips and tricks of the trade with selling on eBay and juggling the kids! Tune in and find out how and why she has this name!

She was a Radio show guest on April 3, 2009 and it is my pleasure to open the VAULT and share this replay with you! Tune in and take a look at her UPDATED eBay store! She started off as "One Very Desperate Housewife" and has since changed her store name, leaving off the ONE to "Very Desperate Housewife!"

She is a lovely lady and I know you will enjoy her tips on eBay selling, including her darling accent!
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