eBay Feedback Gone PRO

Tune in and learn how to Automate your eBay feedback
Most professional sellers on eBay don't have time to leave their customers feedback; however, the same sellers also know that giving is the best way to receive. Feedback Pro lets you create as many positive feedback messages as you want and automatically sends them when your customers complete payment.
Sometimes, customers are so satisfied with their purchases that they forget about you. Now you have a program to help them remember to help you. Feedback Pro sends up to 2 personalized feedback requests a specified number of days after each sale. Customers are often obliged to leave you feedback and have no problem with it. In fact, they'll thank you for reminding them.
When a customer leaves negative or neutral feedback, we'll send you an e-mail or shoot your cell phone an SMS with as much contact information as eBay makes available to us. Often times, customers assume your an impersonal company that won't take them seriously. Contact them instantly to help them and request feedback revisions.
Finally, Feedback Pro completes the loop by sending your customers e-mails after feedback is received. You can use these e-mails to say thanks, sorry, send promotions, favorite seller links, and more.
I'll be joined with special guest John Wheeler--technical author, owner of High Volume Seller, and creator of Feedback Pro for eBay.

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